Providing You

with the right equipment to kickstart your ideas!

The ViNN:Lab offers a variety of modern prototyping technology such as multiple 3D Printers, Laser Cutter, geometry and texture scanners and a lot more...

As part of the Fab Lab Movement all of our Equipment and Tools are completely open to the public and all we ask of you is to complete a free initial training prior to operating any machinery.

Prototyping Equipment 


Realtime Scanner

Real time geometry- and texture scanner for digitalization, accuracy up to 50µm.


3D Printer

Precise SLA 3D Printer; FDM 3D-Printer up to a volume of 1.3m³, layer resolution 100µm-1mm for the development of complex prototypes and models.


Laser Cutting

Cutting and milling of organic and non-organic materials, processing vector and raster data.


Triaxial portal milling cuter for building highly precise work pieces made out of wood metal and plastic.

Workstations + Smartboards

By offering a variety of workstations people have the opportunity to use state of the art software to kickstart their projects. A multitouch smart-board makes it even easier to present ideas and work on concepts.