Your Space for Innovations!

The ViNN:Lab is a prototyping and creative lab at the TH Wildau in Germany. Equipped with a variety of modern rapid prototyping technology such as 3D printers, Laser Cutters, CNC-Milling machines, Plotters and much more. The ViNN:Lab combines the right hard- and software to kickstart your ideas and projects to help you create (almost) anything.


As part of the "Fab Lab" Movement we are a Fabrication Laboratory which is completely open to the public. Which means that everyone regardless of their knowledge, education or training is welcome to use all of the machinery and technology we provide - (of course we ask everyone to complete a free initial training in order to work safely on our equipment) - but no worries it's fun!

"It is fascinating to experience how an interdisciplinary dialog can be created at the University of Applied Sciences."

- Prof.Dr. László Ungvári (President of the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau)

Core competencies. 

We mainly focus on 3 different task.


As part of the Fab Lab Movement we provide the community with a variety of modern rapid prototyping technology and assist thinkers in creating (almost) anything. 


The ViNN:Lab team also develops and teaches an assortment of different seminars mainly focusing on Project-, Innovation- and Technology-Management. Also there are a bunch of new tech-courses in the making to make working with our soft- and hardware even easier. 

We cooperate closely with companies as well as start ups to help them accelerate their ideas by using & understanding the soft- and hardware we provide, as well as take advantage of the opportunities and improvements that modern prototyping technology offers.

Equipped with the latest prototyping technology the ViNN:Lab is the ideal place to work on complex projects, create prototypes as well as refine your skills.

Check out all of our machinery and tools down below.